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Mindport Exhibits

Mindport is a place to explore, observe, reflect, question, reason, communicate, and play. We aim to encourage curiosity, conversation, and connection through a space that integrates art and science, mind and body, stillness and movement.
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Mount Baker Theatre

The Mount Baker Theatre ignites the imagination of audiences of all ages by providing some of the best local and national performing artists in the North Puget Sound region. The theater, beautifully restored to its original splendor, spotlights the live arts that are essential to the region's quality of life.
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The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention

The Spark Museum offers visitors a firsthand introduction to the wonderful world of electricity and radio, providing every opportunity to discover, test, and be amazed. In addition to the six galleries, the museum features other popular interactive displays, including various Tesla coils, which create dazzling bursts of lightning on command. Adventurous visitors are invited to experience hair-raising activities in the museum’s static electricity laboratory, or even create other-worldly sounds from the theremin (the first electronic musical instrument), and much more.
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Whatcom Museum

The Whatcom Museum provides innovative and interactive educational programs and exhibitions about art, nature, and Northwest history. We seek to stimulate curiosity about our changing cultural, natural, and historical landscapes, for the youngest to the oldest minds, and to inspire preservation of and creative contributions to our region and beyond.
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